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RESTART® Friendly Appetizers – Charcuterie Platters

Appetizers are always a welcome addition to any holiday celebration. Charcuterie platters are just a fancy way of saying, “grab what’s in the fridge and put it on a tray!”

We’ve put together some RESTART® friendly suggestions for your holiday charcuterie


  • Uncured meats such as salami, prosciutto, sopressata, sugar-free ham, turkey breast

  • Cooked, leftover meats such as turkey or chicken breast, beef tenderloin, sugar-free ham

  • Homemade almond flour or coconut flour crackers

  • Fruits, such as green apple, blackberries, raspberries and/or blueberries


  • Fermented foods such as sauerkraut, pickles, beets (look for these in the refrigerated section)

  • Nuts – dry roasted or soaked and dried crispy

  • Homemade paté made with pastured liver or even mushrooms

  • Homemade tapenade, paleo hummus or dairy-free pesto

  • Aioli with garlic and fresh herbs or spices such as chipotle and chili powder

  • Organic mustard (always check for hidden sweetness or additives)

  • Olives preserved in olive oil and herbs

  • Roasted red pepper

  • Roasted garlic

Charcuterie platters are a quick and easy way to feed a crowd. They look like you’ve spent loads of time preparing… no one will ever know! Get creative with your pairings. Let us know what you add to yours!

Interested in learning more about the RESTART program? Visit our Nutrition page!

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